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Secure Your Future With Our Personal Savings Options

Whether you’re putting money aside for a new car or new home, a college degree or your retirement, we offer great personal savings products that will help you save more money and reach your financial goals quicker.

We also offer several types of Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) to choose from, with each helping you earn the most money from your savings. You can also choose from a wide selection of interest-earning Certificates of Deposit (CDs), which let you determine the length of the CD.

Passbook Savings | Christmas Club | IRAs | CDs

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Passbook Savings

Our interest-earning savings account for investment-minded customers, especially those ages 25 or younger. Requires just $50 minimum balance to open. There’s no minimum balance fee if you maintain a balance of more than $100. As an added incentive to our young investors the balance requirement and fees are waived if 25 years or younger with parents who have an account with us. Pays interest quarterly.

$50 opening deposit required.
No fee if balance is more than $100.
Balance requirement and fees waived if holder is 25 years of age or younger with parents who have an account with us.

Start saving (and earning!) with our Passbook savings account—just give us a call at 1-641-472-9839 to speak with one of our expert bankers today.

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Christmas Club

Before you know it the holidays are here again—will you have enough money for everyone on your Christmas list? A great way to make sure you do is to open one of our Christmas Club savings accounts. The minimum balance to open is just $5. We’ll mail you a check the first week of November for the amount you’ve saved all year long. The interest your savings have earned is paid to your account when the checks are printed. This is a painless way to make sure you have enough money saved for the next holiday season.

Just $5 to open an account.
Interest earned on savings throughout the year.
Interest paid when check mailed to you in November.

Start saving for the holidays and earn interest too! Call 1-641-472-9839 to open your Christmas Club account today.

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Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)

It’s never too early to start planning for your retirement. You can earn interest on your savings, and enjoy tax benefits on your funds with one of our competitive Individual Retirement Accounts, also known as IRAs. Types of IRAs we offer at Libertyville Savings Bank include Traditional, Roth and Educational. There is no minumum to open an IRA at Libertyville Savings Bank. IRA pays interest earned semi-annually. Call or visit one of our friendly banking professionals to learn more about the benefits and limitations of an IRA account.

Earn interest on your savings.
Enjoy tax benefits on your earnings.
Three types of IRAs to choose from.
Interest paid semi-annually.

Get the most out of your money with one of our interest-earning IRAs—call one of our expert bankers at 1-641-472-9839 for details today.

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Certificates of Deposit (CDs)

Our Certificates of Deposit offer our investment-minded customers a variety of deposit lengths to choose from so they can earn interest without tying up their money for long periods of time. From days to months you can choose the length of term that is best for you. Minimum deposit is $1,000 to open a CD, and the interest earned is paid semi-annually. A penalty may be imposed for early withdrawal.

A variety of term lengths available.
Minimum deposit to open is $1,000.
Interest earned is paid semi-annually.
Penalty for early withdrawal.

Make your savings earn more for you with one of our interest-bearing CDs—call us at 1-641-472-9839 to open a CD today.

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