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Debit Cards; Frequently Asked Questions

I lost my debit card.  What should I do?
Call 1-866-546-8273 immediately.

There is a charge on my statement from my debit card that I do not recognize.  What should I do?
You should call any of our five locations and get more information about the charge.
Fairfield & Libertyville: (641) 472-9839
Eldon: (641) 652-7838
Keosauqua: (319) 293-3151
Keota (641)636-2193


Why is there a limit on my debit card?
This is a safety feature that the bank uses to help prevent fraudulent usage of your card.  The limit will not allow fraudulent activity to empty your entire bank account.  If you do not know the limit on your debit card, call any one of our five locations and we can look it up for you.  Also, if you know you will be using your card for a transaction amount that exceeds your limit, the bank can temporarily increase your limit to facilitate that particular transaction.  The normal limit will be imposed following it for the reasons described herein.

What number do I call to set up my pin # for my debit card?
If a debit card has been mailed to you, it will come with a pre-selected pin number (in a separate junk-mail looking envelope).  You may then change that PIN at any Libertyville Savings Bank ATM machine.  We have ATM machines at each of our five locations and the Jefferson County Health Center.  Our tellers would be happy to help you do this.  Debit cards that are ordered on premise, at the bank, you may choose your own upon receipt of that card.

I keep getting calls from The Fraud Center asking about charges on my debit card, why is this?
We are enrolled in a great program called The Fraud Center .  This program monitors the charges being run on your debit cards. If they feel like the transaction might be questionable, they will call you and verify the charge.  The Fraud Center is trying to make sure that someone is not using your debit card fraudulently.

I have a message from The Fraud Center about some charges on my debit card, how do I call them back to verify them?
The Fraud Center phone number is 1-800-417-4592.  They will ask you about the charges in question. You will then need to verify if they are valid or fraudulent charges.

What time will my deposit be available on my debit card?
Deposits will be available for debit card use immediately following the transaction being completed.

What kind of fees do your debit cards have?
You are allowed four free non-LSB ATM withdrawals per each statement cycle. After that, the fee is $1.00 plus tax per transaction.  We offer ATM’s at each of our five locations as well as a machine at The Jefferson County Health Center.  If you have lost your debit card, the fee will be $25.00 plus tax to replace it.  There is no charge to use a debit card at a point of sale machine.  So, it is wise to get cash when transacting business there.

I recently moved. Do I need to tell the bank?
Yes!  We need your current address to send you monthly statements and correspondence.  In addition, if you try to use your debit card for an online purchase, the transaction will be declined because your shipping address will not match the address we have on file. We need your email address to send you important notices concerning internet banking, bill payment and/or mobile banking. We need your current phone number in order to contact you regarding any important issues relating to your accounts at LSB.  It is very important that you keep the bank updated on your current address, phone number(s), and email addresses.

Tips for our debit card holders:

  • Memorize your PIN, don’t write it down
  • Shield PIN entry from view of others
  • NEVER provide personal data via email or phone
  • Store card securely, as if it were cash
  • Sign the back of your card
  • Shop online only at secure sites
  • Carefully review all statements
  • Review credit reports annually
  • Securely dispose of records
  • Report all fraud and suspected fraud immediately

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