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Crop Scouting


If you are crop scouting through your pickup window you are missing profit opportunities!

At Libertyville Savings Bank, we can design a crop scouting package that fits your farm. Here are a few of the things Kendra Hellweg, LSB’s crop scouter, will look for on a trip:

Crop Emergence: Shortly after the crop has been planted, Kendra will ride your fields to make sure the crop is emerging correctly. If problems are present, it provides time to make replanting decisions if necessary.

Stand Counts: Kendra will take stand counts in all your fields. Plant population can have a huge impact on yield in the fall.

Weeds: Most farmers have a planned 1-2 pass chemical program. Kendra helps identify what weeds are out there so you can make an educated decision on what herbicide to use.

Herbicide Performance: Kendra will continue to watch for weed breaks until the crop gets completely canopied Weeds that are over 4 inches tall are robbing yield.

Disease Pressure: As the crop matures, Kendra pays attention to disease pressure so she can recommend a fungicide treatment if she identifies an issue.

Yield Estimates: Late August and September, Kendra collects ears from your corn fields and makes yield estimates. This gives you an idea of what harvest will bring and helps you create a better marketing strategy.

Crop scouting is one of the most important activities related to the success of your crop.

If you see an issue at 55 mph through the truck window, it’s probably too late.


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